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About PCEF

Peace Through Education

The Peaceful Character Education Foundation (PCEF) is a non-profit organization based in Ghana devoted to promoting character education as its main tool for positive character development. 

PCEF exclusively uses The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program (PSCEP) which has a variety of courses designed to reach all ages so the impact of character change can be realized and effected in society.

Persistent determination to bring a peaceful solution to the world's problems has led to the publication of The PSCEP.

Our Mission 

The Peaceful Character Education Foundation (PCEF) is a non-profit, secular educational organization seeking to enhance the lives of all people by promoting peace through educational programs and curricula designed to develop positive character. The corporation is organized for the purpose of maintaining a facility for authoring, manufacturing, distributing literature and multi-media presentations, conducting workshops, seminars, lecturing and conferences on a global basis, with the focus on secular character educational programming and curricula in service to the world.

History Of The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program 

Pioneered by President Yisrayl Hawkins, The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program began in 1994 with parents and teachers who were disturbed that positive character development was rapidly deteriorating in our society. Their concern prompted them to embark on a mission to stop the decline and bring back positive social behaviors to society.

President Yisrayl Hawkins, also Curriculum Director and Author of The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program, has been diligently presenting the PSCEP to individuals, community representatives, as well as world leaders through books, forums, conferences, television and radio talk shows and international meetings.

The Peaceful Character Education Foundation (PCEF) was officially launched as a non-profit organization in June, 2012 in Ghana. As the main teaching tool for positive character improvement, the Peaceful Character Education Foundation has been promoting The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program throughout schools nationwide. The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program is a comprehensive program that provides complete curricula for students (primary through secondary), parents, inmates, rehabilitated youths and community youth groups. Additional programs are being prepared for the military, police, business places and schools for the blind.

The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program has made a positive impact on many lives in homes, schools, judicial systems, prison facilities and communities, in the Africa, United States as well as Canada, the Caribbean and Israel.


"Self-Control is the foundation of moral behavior. When you practice self-control you stop and carefully consider whether your thoughts and feelings will lead to actions that are morally correct and in your best interest"

PSCEP, Unit Three-Self-Control